National Catholic Health Care Week – October 3 to October 7

As Catholic health care, we work with our community and partners to achieve a Canadian society that reaches out to very person who is suffering from illness, stigma, poverty,  loneliness.

Giving Back
True charity requires courage: Let us overcome the fear of getting our hands dirty so as to help those in need.
Pope Francis (2015). The Spirit of St Francis: Inspiring Words on Faith, Love and Creation

Along with communities and many different partners, Catholic health works to achieve a Canadian society that reaches out to every person who is suffering from illness, stigma, poverty or loneliness. As we work together for a just society, many of the entrenched problems we encounter are complex. There is no simple solution—no single bridge—that can link resources or overcome the gaps to address poverty or discrimination or addiction.

St. Teresa of Calcutta dedicated her life to bridging the gaps she encountered in the human suffering around her. Whatever the size of the problem, she counselled, “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and start with the person nearest you.”

As bridge-builders, we come together as members of the human family—a family interconnected and interdependent—seeing ourselves in each other. With eyes and hearts
open, may we step into the uncomfortable spaces and the possibilities.

Let us reflect
1. The word charity in the New Testament is the Greek word agape, which describes a love without gaps, meaning it is unconditional. How might we practice charity in our lives and organizations?
2. In the spirit of St. Teresa of Calcutta, who is the person nearest to you and how can you help?

Let us pray
Lord Jesus,
Open our eyes that we may see you in all our sisters and brothers.
Open our minds that we may understand their hopes and dreams,
their sorrows and pain, their longing.
Open our hearts to give generously of ourselves.
Grant us wisdom to respond effectively with grace and compassion.
Give us the courage to speak and act
in true peace, love, mercy and human solidarity.