National Catholic Health Care Week – October 3 to October 7

Catholic health organizations across Canada are united in a 400-year healing mission—driven to improve health care for all Canadians, especially those at  greatest risk, as  strong partners across our health care system.

This year’s theme “Building Bridges” focuses on our commitment as Catholic health care to reach out, create connections, welcome all, address gaps and work collaboratively to improve the health and wellbeing of all Canadians—especially those most vulnerable in our society.

As Catholic organizations in Canada, our efforts must begin with honesty and humility about our history and the impact of our action on the health status of Indigenous  peoples. As Catholic health care, we are committed to listening, learning and taking action to bridge gaps, open doors and create the conditions for a society where all are seen and heard.

This Week is an opportunity to reflect on this bridge-building mission and to share stories about how we work with many partners—in our Catholic community, our health system and beyond—to contribute to and help shape an ever-evolving health system, drawing on our Catholic values, and a legacy of innovation and ethical reflection.